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Date and Time Seminar Speaker Title
Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics seminar, UC Berkeley Andrey Smirnov, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Elliptic stable envelopes and symplectic duality
A learning seminar on categorification Gregoire Naisse (MPIM) Odd Khovanov homology for tangles
AGNT seminar, IST Austria Sergey Gukov, Caltech From the Generalized Volume Conjecture to Turaev and Ramanujan
Algebraic Geometry Seminar, UC Davis Sean Griffin, University of Washington Springer fibers, rank varieties, and generalized coinvariant rings
Center for Advanced Studies at Skoltech Andrei Okounkov (Columbia Univ., Skoltech) Enumerative geometry and geometric representation theory (2nd lecture)
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics Seminar, UC Davis Arseniy Sheydvasser, Graduate Center at CUNY Algebraic Invariants of Hyperbolic 4-Orbifolds
Seminar on Combinatorics, Lie Theory, ‚Äčand Topology (Pisa) Joel Kamnitzer, University of Toronto (Canada) Levi restriction for Coulomb branch algebras and categorical g-actions for truncated shifted Yangians
Paris algebra seminar Fan Qin, Shanghai Jiao Tong Dual canonical bases and quantum cluster algebras
QMAP seminar, UC Davis Anton Mellit, University of Vienna Cell decompositions of character varieties and motivification of knot invariants
Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics seminar, UC Berkeley Siddhartha Sahi, Rutgers University Metaplectic Representations of Hecke algebras