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Geometry and Representation Theory at home

Some news

Talk pages

We have a webpage for every talk on the website. Usually it contains the title, speaker, abstract, and access information, but this webpage can be edited so potentially it can contain more stuff, for instance links to videos, slides, errata etc. Registered users can leave comments unless the owner of the page turns them off. When editing the webpage you can use markdown markup. Text can be made bold or italic by enclosing it in ** or * respectively. A link can be inserted by enclosing it between < and >, for instance <> becomes You can upload slides for seminars or other files by clicking on the upload zone and then placing a link like this: [slides here](slides.pdf). For more syntax see Latex can be inserted using $ or $$, for instance $\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{n^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}$ becomes .

Secret field

When creating a talk, please put your Zoom id and/or password to the "secret" field. This way it is visible only to registered users. It is very convenient to have all access information in one place, when I want to attend a talk I just go to the website right before the talk and open the link. Otherwise I would have to email to the organizers, usually I end up late when the talk has already started.


Unless you turn comments off, registered users can leave comments on the talk page. I hope this will result in interesting discussions.

Your suggestions

I am really looking forward to any suggestions about future development of the website. The initial idea is to create a community hub to facilitate exchange. I am ready to implement any kind of functionality, but without your input I will run out of ideas very soon.


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