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Postdoc and PhD positions in Vienna

Dear Colleagues,

I am advertising postdoc and PhD positions at the University of Vienna in the framework of my ERC Consolidator Grant "Refined invariants in combinatorics, low-dimensional topology and geometry of moduli spaces".

Please forward this to interested potential candidates working in algebraic and enumerative geometry, in particular geometry of moduli spaces, low-dimensional topology, and related representation theory, combinatorics and mathematical physics.

Positions are initially intended for 2 years (postdoc) and 3 years (PhD student), extension can be negotiated. There are no teaching duties. Positions can start on 1.06.2021 or later.

Please apply before 21.03.2021 by sending me a CV, a research statement, and arrange sending at least 2 letters of recommendation to: my first name dot last name at

Similar calls are planned in the end of 2021, 2022 and 2023.


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