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Blog posts, library and Bernstein's conference

From now on you can create "blog posts" on Find the new button "Create a blog post" on the main page. It is possible to edit your own posts. Since latex-style math works throughout the website, you can create mathematical posts as well as announcements etc.

Because of the popular demand I added a new feature called Library. It is intended to be a convenient way of keeping a catalogue of, say, video links, slides, abstracts for talks that happened in the past. As you may have noticed, there is now a search button on the main page, so it should be easy to find any talk by typing the speakers name or some words from the title/abstract.

There is a zoom conference next week dedicated to Joseph Bernstein's 75-th birthday. The talks are Monday-Thursday 15:00-18:30 Israeli time. See here: Feel free to post individual talks from the conference as Events at grt-home.


Upcoming seminars

Paris algebra seminar Osamu Iyama, Nagoya Tilting theory of contracted preprojective algebras and cDV singularities more...


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