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Toronto Geometric Representation Theory Seminar

Changjian Su, University of Toronto

Motivic Chern classes of the Schubert cells and applications

Organizer's time: 2021-04-09 14:00 America/New_York

Duration: 1 hour

Access information: Zoom ID: 863 8291 7507

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Abstract: The motivic Chern class is a K-theoretic generalization of the MacPherson class in homology. In this talk, I will discuss some properties of the motivic Chern classes of the Schubert cells in the flag varieties, and their applications in the representation theory of the p-adic Langlands dual group and the Lenart-Zainoulline-Zhong conjecture about the Schubert classes in the hyperbolic cohomology theory of the flag varieties. Based on several joint works with Aluffi, Lenart, Mihalcea, Naruse, Schurmann, Zainoulline, and Zhong.

Submitted by: changjian su